Solution-focused Methods. Insight-oriented Clinicians

 At Alternatives Counseling, we believe that the therapeutic process requires a partnership between client and therapist. Clients are asked to identify therapy goals during their Assessment, from which future goals and tasks stem. We challenge our clients to grow while providing them with meaningful support throughout their transitions. To accomplish this we employ a systemic approach to the structure of our sessions. Counselors utilize a wide-range of validated tools and techniques, interventions and educational materials, all of which promote long-term change. While we focus strongly on effecting changes in behavior and we celebrate as our clients successfully complete their therapeutic goals, we believe that it is essential for both client and therapist to understand the deeper reasons for behaviors, symptoms, feelings and thoughts. We couple our solution-focused methods with insight-oriented work. We understand that creating sustainable change is our ultimate therapeutic goal – and we know how to get there.

The Highest Professional Standards

Alternatives is a small, intimate, private practice. Our therapists have earned a minimum of 1 Masters Degree at an accredited program in the field of mental health and have at least 2 years post graduate clinical experience. Staff meetings take place weekly during which cases are discussed, treatment methods are evaluated and recommendations for change are made.

Therapists receive approximately 1 hour of weekly supervision from Dr. Darcy Sterling, founding member of Alternatives Counseling. During supervisory meetings, services are modified and updated, keeping pace with the evergrowing field of healthcare. Experts in various fields are consulted on an ongoing basis.

Our professional standards do not require that we possess all the answers, but they do require that we consult with experts to the extent that we require specialized guidance. At Alternatives, our commitment to the staff’s continued training and education is second only to our commitment to you.