Getting Started

Change Takes Time
 The staff at Alternatives understands that change takes time and knows how to promote it. We do not perform short-term therapy; however, we do aim to make attending therapy optional as quickly as possible. The first step in getting started is scheduling a no-fee consultation. The next step is scheduling an assessment. A valid credit card is required to hold your appointment*. Our assessment is 2 hours long, at the end of which the clinician provides the prospective client with:

1)  A treatment recommendation.

2)  A recommendation of initial goals agreed upon by both therapist and client.

3)  Client’s first homework assignments.

If both client and therapist decide to move forward, a preliminary treatment agreement (in which both parties commit to working together for 30 days) is created and signed. At the end of the preliminary phase, both parties determine if they are going to continue to work together and if so, a general treatment agreement of 6 months is created and signed.  We work in 6-month contract periods because long-term sustainable change cannot be achieved in less than 6 months.


In the event that the fit between client and therapist is not ideal, the client is given referrals for continued treatment elsewhere.

Parents of minors interested in our services

Please be advised that parents of minors are required to attend Parent Coaching Sessions. Please read below to see the terms under which children under the age of 18 qualify to receive services at Alternatives:

Parents commit to the following:

  • Attend your weekly sessions in accordance with:

a) Your Treatment Recommendation

b) Your Treatment Plan

  • Apply the skills and concepts that you are taught in Parent Coaching.
  • Commit to 6 months of Parent Coaching / your child’s therapy.
  • Follow the recommendation to see outside providers when referrals are made.
  • Participate in family sessions as needed.
  • Bring in additional family members to sessions as needed.

More Specifically:

      • Attend a minimum of one session weekly.
      • Purchase a Notebook [one per parent] & a 2-pocket folder (one per parent) to bring to each Parent Coaching Session.
      • Take notes in sessions.
      • Complete all tasks within a timely manner.
      • Participate in family sessions as needed.
      • Identify an Individual Parenting Goal and a Team Parenting Goal by the beginning of the 2nd Parent Coaching Session.